+++ Der Kampf um Gerechtigkeit wird konsequent weiter geführt +++ Verfassungsbeschwerde fristgerecht eingelegt +++ BGH-Urteil und Anhörungsrüge hier veröffentlicht +++

You can order my autobiography via the order form. You'll receive not only a handsigned copy, but also a exclusive autograph card, which shows me with my nine Olympic medals.

The prize ist 19,95 EUR incl. postage and packing (inside Germany), the same as in stores.

Those, who want a sneak peak inside, can go the prologue (in German) and the publisher's preview (also in German). Have a good time reading ...

Claudia Pechstein


"Mein Leben zwischen Olymp und Hölle"

19,95 Euro incl. postage and packing (inside Germany)

Claudia Pechstein