+++ Nach DOSB-Kritik an der Unterschriftenaktion zur Athletenvereinbarung: Freue mich auf klare Antworten der Funktionäre +++ Vorfreude auf den Weltcupstart 8. November 2013 im kanadischen Calgary +++ Das erste Saisonziel heißt Olympiaqualifikation +++

XIX. Olympic Wintergames Salt Lake City


February 8 – 24, 2002

I wanted the hattrick over 5.000 m. But I already fulfilled one of my big dreams over 3.000m: Gold in world record time! So I already had my Olympic medal, and a really beautiful one, but still my focus was on winning three times in a row over one distance. I was never so concentrated in a race, I just skated as my coach had planned. World record again! Again gold and the hattrick!

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